The following videos will guide you through important points about our loan program, eligibility requirements, application process and loan repayment terms.

  • Is an IAF Loan Right For You?
  • How to Apply for an IAF Loan
  • Understanding Your Loan Repayment

Is an IAF Loan Right For You?

This video provides an overview of our loan program for immigrants. Learn more about how our character-based loans work, eligibility requirements, use of loans, and how you can strengthen your application.


How to Apply for an IAF Loan

This video explains the key steps and documents required to apply for an IAF loan. Hear some tips on how to fill-out the important sections of the application form. Save time and avoid delays by submitting a complete loan application.


Understanding Your Loan Repayment

This video covers the important terms of borrowing from IAF and repaying your loan. Learn about what you can expect after your IAF loan is approved and how your monthly payments can help you build your credit rating in Canada.