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Magnet_ColourImmigrant Access Fund is proud to be a member of Magnet, a collaborative network powered by a job-matching platform that changes the way job seekers connect to employers, based on skills and qualifications.

We encourage you to tap into Magnet’s innovative platform as you build your career and network in Canada. Click below to learn more about the benefits of joining Magnet and register free of charge.






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Magnet is a new network powered by data-rich, job-matching technology that connects job seekers with employers based upon skills, preferences and talent needs. The network is also a unique source of real-time labour market information for decision makers and community planners. Magnet’s goal is to address unemployment and under-employment specifically as it relates to youth, newcomers, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities and other individuals facing barriers to employment. Magnet supports 85,000 job seekers through a partner network that currently includes more than 30 universities and colleges, 9,000 employers and more than 190 community organizations.