‘Do Some Good’ app Makes Volunteering Easier

Guest Post by Volinspire 

November 15, 2017

Volinspire image DoSomeGood-colourVolinspire’s new Do Some Good app connects people, charitable organizations, and businesses to make a meaningful impact in communities all across Canada.

● Ignite your inspiration with stories about social change

● Pursue your passion and leverage your skills through volunteering

● Donate to causes that inspire you

● Shop at Good Companies that give donations to important causes

Powered by Volinspire and developed in Western Canada, Do Some Good inspires people and businesses who volunteer their time and/or money to make an impact in their local community.

As a proponent of skills-based volunteering, Do Some Good features the ability to align skilled people and organizations with causes they care about. This is done through a simple feature set where users choose their own skills and causes, and through the magic of tech based algorithms, pairs up new prospective volunteers in the community with non-profits, volunteer job postings, community events and much more. This ensures that volunteers are not only able to attain opportunities to refine their current skillset, but to possibly pick up new skills as well – all the while working with social causes they care about.

Currently, Do Some Good is celebrating success after success. With (as of the time of this paper) 5487 organizations signed on, contributing a total of 883,787 verified volunteer hours, the platform is expanding in reach across Canada. With the ability to keep track of and verify volunteer hours, Do Some Good is able to track its success with verifiable indicators appreciated by all stakeholder groups, be they people, non-profits or businesses.

Since it is free for individuals and non-profits to use, it is truly accessible. Visit us on the Apple App Store (Android coming soon!). More information at Info@volinspire.com