Immigrant Access Fund Canada Joins the Magnet Network

Magnet_ColourImmigrant Access Fund Canada (IAF) is pleased to join the Magnet Network, a social initiative founded by Ryerson University in partnership with Ontario Chamber of Commerce, to address significant employment challenges in Canada.

This new partnership allows IAF to reach Magnet’s growing community and to support those who are immigrants and are seeking to attain Canadian licensing/training, and helps Magnet to support immigrants seeking to access better job opportunities based on their skills and qualifications.

“We’re very excited to be a part of the Magnet Network as we advance our work in helping Canada’s immigrants attain the licensing/training they need to work in their field in Canada. We encourage newcomers to tap into Magnet’s innovative job-matching platform as they build their careers and network,” says Dianne Fehr, Vice President, IAF.

“Magnet is about connecting jobs to people and helping communities strengthen their economies,” says Mark Patterson, Executive Director, Magnet. “The work of partners like IAF to raise awareness and encourage both job candidates and employers to sign up provides a beacon of hope to those individuals and communities struggling with unemployment and underemployment.”

IAF is a character-based community lending program dedicated to helping immigrants, including refugees, succeed in Canada’s job market. IAF achieves this by providing micro loans of up to $10,000 to help newcomers pay for the costs of the licensing/training they need to work in their field in Canada. IAF lends to people who struggle to access mainstream credit due to low income and lack of credit history in Canada.

Benefits for Job Seekers and Employers

placeit-5The Magnet Network is powered by data rich, job-matching technology and promises to radically change the way immigrant job seekers find meaningful employment and how local businesses source talent to meet their skills requirement. What’s different about Magnet is that it provides both job candidates and employers with a one-stop, supply and demand job hub to connect the right candidate to the right job – quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Job seekers sign-up by completing a profile and are then provided with tailored job postings that match their skills, qualifications and job preferences.

A unique feature is that every candidate’s identity is shielded until they decide to communicate with a potential employer about their job opening. The platform also gives job seekers and employers the option to use multimedia to more effectively market themselves, their job posting or their organization.

Immigrants who are seeking jobs and businesses can learn more and register free of charge by visiting

About Magnet

Magnet is a new network powered by data-rich, job-matching technology that connects job seekers with employers based upon skills, preferences and talent needs. The network is also a unique source of real-time labour market information for decision makers and community planners. Magnet’s goal is to address unemployment and under-employment specifically as it relates to youth, newcomers, Indigenous people, persons with disabilities and other individuals facing barriers to employment. Magnet supports 85,000 job seekers through a partner network that currently includes more than 30 universities and colleges, 9,000 employers and more than 190 community organizations.

 Magnet Social Media Channels:

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Twitter: @MagnetToday
LinkedIn: Magnet.Today

About IAF

IAF is a national charity dedicated to helping skilled immigrants, including refugees, succeed in Canada’s labour market. IAF achieves this by providing micro loans of up to $10,000 for the costs of the licensing/training newcomers need to work in their field in Canada. IAF has seen tremendous growth, lending over $17 million to 2,700 immigrants since 2005. Over 75% of IAF’s borrowers who complete their licensing/training plan report being employed in their field at a job matching their skills and education. An independent study showed the IAF program acts as an economic stimulant, with a return on investment for Canada of at least 900%. Visit to learn more.

For interview requests or further information please contact:

Dianne Fehr, Vice President, IAF Canada, 403.835.8972