Volunteering – An Investment of Time

A Guest Post from the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society

By Lily Cai, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

November 15, 2017

Settling in a new country is an emotional process. Immigrants and refugees are faced with both the excitement of starting a new life and apprehension about how to do so. Often, this process is further complicated by the distress and frustration of unemployment and social isolation. Fortunately, organizations such as CCIS exist to provide support.

CCIS LogoWe understand that many foreign trained professionals will find that they need Canadian accreditation or further education, processes which can be assisted by the Immigrant Access Fund. However, despite persistence and hard work, individuals will often find their career path further challenged by the lack of Canadian experience. Fortunately, there are solutions.

Volunteering is a proven path to acquire experience, for new immigrants and Canadians alike. The process of volunteering provides many benefits in the form of social capital. You can expand professional and social networks, improve communication skills and participate in the community. The process of volunteering provides opportunities for newcomers to showcase existing skills and gain valuable learning experience about Canadian culture.

The process of volunteering connects us, helping us overcome social isolation and acquire valuable references. It is an investment of time, which mutually benefits volunteers and the community. Since the goal of immigration is to have a new beginning, why not explore volunteer opportunities and invest in a better future? Interested in knowing more about volunteering? Contact Lily at volunteer@ccisab.ca.