Application Checklist

Please send the following items with your application. Photocopies or scanned copies sent via email are acceptable. Please do NOT send us original documents.

We must have the following items in order to assess your application.

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Application Form

A fully completed and signed application form

Refugee Status

Please provide a copy of the document issued by  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) confirming your status.

You must have attained convention refugee or protected person status 3 years or less from the time of making an IAF application.

Please note that refugee claimants are not eligible at this time. 


Prior training/education

Please provide supporting documents concerning your training or education that has either been used in the immigration verification process or been assessed by a professional body here in Canada.

Copies of translated education certificates or assessments. These assessments may come from services such as World Education Services or International Qualification Assessment Services.


(include home country and Canadian education and work experience)

Career Path

Documents that demonstrate progression in your career path. For example, registration or assessments from a licensing body, results of written exams, etc.

Proof of your income

(For example, pay stub, student funding letter, Employment Insurance information or Income Support confirmation). Please also provide proof of income for other members of your household who contribute to the household’s expenses if you can.

Your licensing/training plan

Printed information about any programs or courses you plan to take and the learning institution, or information on exams you need to write. If applicable, please include a letter of acceptance into the program or institution.

At least one reference

Please let your references know that IAF will be contacting them. Your loan will not be approved until we speak with them. When we speak to your references, they will know that you have applied to us for a loan. We may also call your references in the future if we cannot contact you.

  • We must speak with at least one reference. It is helpful if you give us three references in case someone is difficult to reach.
  • We prefer to speak with your Canadian supervisor (if you are working) and your landlord (if you are renting your home).
  • If we are not able to speak with your supervisor or your landlord, please provide contact information for career counsellors and teachers.
  • Only provide friends and co-workers if you cannot provide a reference from a supervisor, landlord, counselor or teacher.

If possible, please send your application form and checklist documents in a single email. Please put your name in the subject line of any emails.