Success Stories

Meet some of the people who have taken advantage of an Immigrant Access Fund loan.

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Video: The Future is Bright

Watch how IAF micro loans are helping build brighter futures for internationally trained professionals like Eva Hadzima, Dapo Bankole, and Ionela Cristina Popescu.


Sudarshan Bhandari

IAF the Right ‘Therapy’ for Internationally Trained Physiotherapist

Sudarshan Bhandari faced significant employment barriers when he arrived in Canada. Now this licensed physiotherapist is practicing in the GTA thanks to a combination of hard work, a unique approach to job-hunting, and some help from IAF.

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Charles Ibeh

Doing Justice to a Long Career in Law

Charles Ibeh brought over 20 years of law experience when he arrived in Canada, but lacked the license required to practice in Alberta. After connecting with both a mentor and IAF, Charles set out to achieve his goal of practicing law in Canada.

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Melanie 170x226

HSSE Specialist’s Persistence Leads to Career Success in Canada

Melanie Lim was determined to put her 8 years of HSSE experience to use in Canada. But to be competitive in such a tight labour market, she would need to upgrade her credentials…

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Building a Career with IAF Support

How IAF helped one engineer to not only rebuild his career in Canada, but to regain the stability his family needed back home as well…

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Bhavya Patel Picture

IAF the Prescription for Success for Saskatchewan Pharmacist

When Bhavya Patel decided she wanted to move to Canada, she knew she wanted to keep working as a pharmacist. She had just spent four years studying pharmacy, and her hard work had earned her a gold medal at her university…

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Fahad Mughal campaigning
Fahad Mughal campaigning

Learning How to Lead

Initially arriving in Toronto, Fahad made the journey west to Edmonton for more opportunities. Comparing the two cities, he felt Edmonton had better services and more opportunities. However, when he told some friends he had moved to Edmonton, they had never heard of it. It’s one of many reasons Fahad decided to run for… Mayor of Edmonton.

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Humberto (Power Engineer)

From Cashier to Powerful Career

Like many newcomers to Canada, Humberto arrived with skills and experience but struggled to find work in his field once he arrived. In Mexico he had worked in operations within water treatment, manufacturing and in the oil and gas sector, but found himself unable to secure even an interview here.

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From Almost Giving Up, to Giving Back

A year after he arrived, Islam was on the verge of not being able to pay his rent and ending his dream of becoming a pharmacist in Canada. With a little help from IAF, he persevered. Now, he’s thriving.

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Babatunde LR

Putting Twenty Years of Experience to Work in Canada’s Oil Patch

Tunde Jegede was often told that, while he had great experience and interviewed well, he would need Canadian certification to get work. It’s a familiar story. Because of his and his family’s tenacity, sense of community and a little help from IAF, his is one of many immigrant stories with a happy ending.

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Passion and Perseverance on the Road to Being a Physician Again

Trained as a doctor in Nigeria, Chibuike Chizea’s Canadian adventure started in 2011. Recertifying as a doctor in Canada is extremely difficult. It’s even harder when you’re separated from family.

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The Catalyst to Reach Personal and Professional Goals in Calgary

A recent immigrant with a Master of Science (Computer Science), Megha Patel brought two years of experience with her as a software engineer from Ahmedabad, India. Leaving her family behind was difficult, but she and her husband migrated to Canada in search of a better life.

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Immigrant from Pakistan; Pharmacist in Saskatoon

A Pharmacist Finds Success in Saskatoon

When speaking with Saiqa Karamut about her career as a pharmacist, you can hear in her voice the genuine joy she has for her work. Saiqa studied Pharmacy in Pakistan and graduated with her degree in Pharmacy before moving to Canada with her parents and siblings in July of 2013.

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IAF Loan Gives Dentist a Second Chance

In the Philippines, dentistry can be a home-based business, which is what drew Mary Jean to this career in her home country. This vocational decision allowed Mary Jean to be home with her young children and have an income. In 2005, Mary Jean and her husband made a significant change in their lives, and moved their family to Calgary, to pursue better opportunities for their kids.

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Peyman Tabatabaei pg1

Making Strides Towards Two Career Paths

Peyman Tabatabaei is always on the go and planning for the future, a mindset that came in handy when planning his family’s immigration to Canada. Born and raised in Iran, he graduated from university and completed his master’s degree in civil/geotechnical engineering.

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Mahendra Weeratunga

Engineer Takes Steps Towards Designation

Mahendra Weeratunga arrived in Canada in 2008, bringing with him significant experience working as a civil engineer. After pursuing the Engineers’ and Technologists’ Integration Program (ETIP) and finding IAF, he had just what he needed to once again work in his field in Canada.

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Inna Rosales_LR

Ukrainian Family Finds Opportunity in Canada

Inna Rosales, a single mother of two from Ukraine, wanted a better life for her children. As a Quality Assurance Tester at a telecommunications company in the city of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, she was getting by but had hit a ceiling professionally. Employment was unstable and Inna was often working multiple jobs even with her skills and abilities.

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Registered Nurse Fulfills Hopes and Dreams with IAF Loan

Puangkaew Luerueng, the youngest of 5 children in her family, watched her parents sacrifice financially so that her and her siblings could experience higher education. Puangkaew’s love of helping people led her to become an operating nurse in Thailand.

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Finding opportunities in Canada

Abraham Ogidan arrived in Canada in March 2012 from Nigeria, along with his wife and son. They came to Canada because they saw an opportunity for a new beginning in a country that celebrated multiculturalism and presents everyone with the opportunity to grow and excel.

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Amilyn Panotes

Staying True to Her Heart’s Desire

Amilyn Panotes believes in the power of dreams. As a young girl, she dreamed of working in medicine. As a young woman, she dreamed of traveling. As a mother and wife, she dreamed of a good future with her family.

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Fahad Mughal2

Fortitude Pays Off After Experiencing Two Canadian Cities

Fahad Mughal viewed Canada as an ideal country—offering excellent education, safety and a good lifestyle for a family. In 2008 he arrived in Edmonton ready to experience everything Canada could offer.

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Helping Other Newcomers to Integrate (too) Brings Personal Rewards

When Winifred Marks arrived in Canada, securing a job in her field proved difficult. Everything changed when a volunteer role – and some help from an IAF loan – opened up a new world of possibilities.

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Gilberto Maraboto

Paramedic Returns to the Field in Saskatchewan

Gilberto Maraboto and his wife made the long car trip to Saskatoon from Mexico City in October 2012. They did not let bad weather conditions deter their travel and arrived safely to their new home and country.

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Physician Brings Her Expertise to Saskatchewan

Dr. Olamipo Bamigboje and her husband Kay were both physicians in Nigeria before coming to Canada. They both saw coming to Canada as a chance to explore more diverse opportunities for advancing and developing their careers.

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Eric Creo

Registered Nurse Finds Career Success in Saskatchewan

Eric Creo was caught in a hard spot. He was working as a Special Care Aid despite having earned a Registered Nursing degree in the Philippines. His foreign credentials weren’t fully recognized when he moved to Saskatchewan in 2010. But working three low paying jobs in Saskatoon did not provide the time or funds to upgrade his professional skills.

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Eva Hadzima

Inspiring Others Will Be Her Legacy

Eva Hadzima, set on finding work in her field of veterinary medicine, left Slovakia for the mountains and animals of Calgary. Despite facing many struggles along the way, her effort, commitment and a strong passion for her work has led her to great success and happiness in her new home of Canada.

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Ramon Golpeo

Helping Others Find Their Way

Ramon Golpeo and his wife Sally immigrated to Canada in 2010 with dreams of giving their 19-year-old son Norman a brighter future. Ramon, a Mechanical Engineer in his native Philippines, was confident he would secure work in his field.

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