A Pharmacist Finds Success in Saskatoon

q4reportSaiqaWhen speaking with Saiqa Karamut about her career as a pharmacist, you can hear in her voice the genuine joy she has for her work. Saiqa studied Pharmacy in Pakistan and graduated with her degree in Pharmacy before moving to Canada with her parents and siblings in July of 2013.

When she arrived in Canada, Saiqa worked as a pharmacy technician in an unpaid position as a way of building her career experience. Her goal was to write the pharmacy exams and have her qualifications recognized in Canada so she could work as a pharmacist.

Exams in pharmacy are very expensive to write and because she wasn’t earning an income, Saiqa began to research financing options for her goals. A friend of her brother introduced her to the Immigrant Access Fund. She started with an email to IAF and then soon sat down and worked out a plan detailing what she would need to borrow and how she would use it to further her career aspirations.

Saiqa knew that the exams would be costly but also recognized that she needed to go into them well prepared. She used part of her loan to purchase online study materials for the exams, and part to cover living expenses so she could take a leave from her unpaid work as a pharmacy technician to focus on studying for the exams. The loan afforded her the opportunity to go into the exams with confidence having put in the time and resources to reach her goals.

Saiqa now is a fully licensed pharmacist and enjoys her work and her new city. She exudes gratitude for the opportunities that living in Saskatoon has afforded her. She lives with her parents and siblings, a part of Pakistani culture she embraces, and is happy with the life she is building in Saskatoon. She says Saskatoon reminds her of the city she left behind in Pakistan in many ways as it is friendly and not overpopulated – both characteristics she likes in her new and old hometowns.

She believes the decision to move to Canada has been beneficial for her entire family and they are enjoying their new surroundings. Saiqa is quick to express that she felt supported by IAF in the fact that she was able to have a clear plan and expectations for the loan she received, as well as quick responses to any questions or concerns she had during
the process. With no hesitation, she recommends IAF to others in need of financial support to attain their license to work in Canada.

Every year, IAF helps hundreds of immigrants by providing loans to help them pay for the licensing or training they need to work in their field in Canada. Now more than ever Canada’s newcomers need our help. Please consider a donation to IAF today.