Become a Guarantor

The success of the IAF funding model is based on leveraging charitable contributions and impact investments from individuals, foundations and corporations. With the community’s support, IAF is building a pool of loan capital in order to provide more loans to more immigrants. Currently, IAF is only supporting a small proportion of the thousands of newcomers every year who would benefit from a loan.

The fastest growing segment of IAF’s capital pool is its innovative guarantor program. The organization has established lines of credit where philanthropists and foundations can ‘guarantee’ funds. These funds are then lent to approved IAF borrowers.

Philanthropically-minded leaders admire IAF’s guarantor program because they can have a significant impact on immigrants’ integration into Canada’s labour market and ultimately their economic and social success in Canada. Visit our case for support for more information on the impact that your contribution can have.

Becoming an IAF guarantor has the following benefits:

For Individuals

1. Play a central role in the economic integration of Canada’s immigrants

2. Become part of an innovative social finance model

3. Join other like-minded contributors in the loan capital pool

4. Many guarantors become members of IAF’s Advisory Council

5. Stable model – IAF has been providing loans for 10 years, and has never had a ‘call’ on its line of credit

For Charitable Foundations

1. Contribute to a proven program with measurable outcomes and impact

2. Furthers mandate related to poverty alleviation, education, diversity, employment, and integration/settlement

3. Guarantee/risk is pooled pro rata with other guarantors

4. Straightforward impact investment structure and administration

For more information on becoming an IAF guarantor, please contact Dianne Fehr, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations at 403-228-9981 ext. 222 or