Our Supporters

Immigrant Access Fund Canada relies on the generous support of both public and private sector funders for loan program delivery, loan capital pool and special projects. IAF would like to recognize the following supporters, without whom its program would not be possible:



   CanadaGovernment of Canada
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) generously supports IAF’s loan delivery and operational costs benefitting immigrants across the country. The IAF loan fund received early and generous contributions from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).
OntarioProvince of Ontario
The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration generously supports IAF’s loan delivery costs for loans benefitting immigrants in Ontario.
AlbertaGovernment of Alberta
The Alberta Ministry of Labour generously supports IAF’s loan delivery costs for loans benefitting immigrants in Alberta.



RBC is one of North America’s leading diversified financial services companies and is committed to easing the adjustment of new Canadians. IAF has formed a strategic partnership with RBC that enables IAF to access an innovative line of credit, supported by guarantors from the community and leveraged by RBC. IAF uses these funds to provide micro loans to immigrants across the country.



Peter Aghar
Bruce & Carmen Alger
Avi Amir
Frank Boyd
Wayne Chiu
James & Inez Collie
Adam Felesky
Brian Felesky
Jim Gray
Andreas Souvaliotis & Joseph Gisini
Inspirit Foundation
Dr. Noor Jaffer
Len Johnson
Greg Jones
Moez Kassam
Lawson Foundation
D. Keith MacDonald
Alan Norris
Eric Prosser
Mike & Tori Ritchie
Sherali Saju
Prem Singhmar
Kumar Stenger
The Auxilium Foundation
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Bill Young
Anonymous (1)